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Jiya Eco Products Ltd.

We have been able to establish ourselves as a quality focused manufacturer of Pellets and Briquettes. The offered products are manufactured from agriculture and forest waste, which are the cost effective, high yielding and sustainable bio fuel alternative. Modern algae processing techniques are implementing the production of our products. Further, Pellets manufactured from agriculture and forest waste have a huge demand in the marketplace owing to their zero smoke & fly ash emission, easy handling, uniform in diameter, high fuel efficiency, and more. We have tried and tested quality assurance program which is fully capable of finding out any imperfection in our products.

Our infrastructure is large and sprawled over a uniform area to support the efficient functioning of our entire business. We have a production facility which is equipped with all sorts of machines and tools for the production of zero-defect and reliable products. All the installed machines are timely examined to assure about their smooth functioning and perfection. We have a team of dedicated, smart and goal focused professionals who match every requirements of clients by properly analyzing the same. Moreover, our large distribution channel is the base for timely delivery of the orders of our clients.

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